Become an Associate Instructor

Have you ever wanted to learn Dim Mak but have been unable to travel to the place where Sifu Burton is teaching? Well now is your opportunity to learn with the Distance learning programme. How does it work?

The programme is a monthly subscription where you receive not one, but two dvd’s, charts, etc. each month. Dvd’s on Sifu Steven Burtons favorite points, 108 points of Dim Mak, Chin Na (Limb Destruction), Iron Palm, Point Seeking Hands (Learn to fight blindfolded), How to use Five Thunder Dim Mak to take out larger attackers, Internal Power Generation, Chi Kung for Dim Mak, Striking weapons of the body, and much much more. You wil learn it all throughout the programme. Month by month you will receive the dvds, charts, and all suplimentary material. All for a similar cost to a Gym Membership.

All new footage filmed in China where Sifu Steven Burton gives you everything you need to learn this devastating system. The programme is based on 30 months (64 DVD or Download lessons) and you will receive certification stating that you have completed the Distance programme after the 30 months.

At the end of the 30 months you will receive a personal invitation by Sifu Steven to travel to China with Sifu to meet his own Masters should you wish to go as you will have the knowledge to train over there.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

To subscribe to the Five Thunder Dim Mak Distance Training Programme follow the link below. The cost is £57 which equates to approximately $73 each month.

You can cancel at any time but to receive all training material and complete the course qualifying YOU as a Five Thunder Dim Mak Associate Instructor all 30 months must finished.

This programme is suitable for all levels of skill whether you are an experienced martial artist or novice. Everything you need to learn is right here in the training material. Get ready for this amazing programme written especially for you and welcome to the programme.

Click to subscribe and receive the BUMPER STARTER PACK which will be posted to you anywhere in the world free of postage charge.