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Sifu Steven Burton
Learn Martial Arts and Mandarin Chinese with Steven Burton. Sifu Steven Burton uses his lifetime study of martial arts and language to share with you Five Thunder Dim Mak (Dian Xue) and how to speak Mandarin from beginner to advanced. Sifu Steven Burton is the worlds foremost practitioner of Five Thunder Dim Mak outside of China. With step by step lessons you can become proficient in both martial arts and the ability to converse with others in Mandarin Chinese.

    Sifu Steven Burton Online - Learn Martial Arts from Home (Promotional Video)

    Stuck at home? 🏡 Looking to learn a new skill? Then check out Sifu Steven Burton Online and become a master in Martial Arts from the comfort of your own home. Watch on your TV, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet anywhere, anytime! 📲 Visit: today! (Video by: Aqua Media Productions) Facebook: Instagram:

    BRUTAL Defence against a strangle - DON'T BE A VICTIM!

    In this clip Sifu Steven Burton shows you how to take out an attacker who is strangling you. Don’t attempt breakaway techniques and turn your back on the attacker EVER! The most efficient way is to take the fight to them and counter attack. Whilst they are strangling you their arms and hands are busy leaving you a direct line to their head and neck. The clip is an extract from Sifu Steven Burton’s Hellraiser 7 DVD set - Fast, effective self protection for you and your family. Don’t be the victim, give them HELL! The complete instruction is available from or Facebook: Instagram:

    LEARN MARTIAL ARTS ONLINE TODAY - Sifu Steven Burton Online

    Welcome to my website, here you can find all of my high quality, advanced DVD sets available to purchase. Once purchased you will have access to stream directly from the website on any device or download for offline viewing. Why not take a look and learn many new skills today! Facebook: Instagram:

    Strength Conditioning and Iron Palm | Sifu Steven Burton

    In a time of self-isolation, Sifu Steven Burton teaches you how to develop destructive power using items that can be improvised from your own home or easily purchased online. Utilising traditional conditioning to develop muscle tendon and ligament strength followed by basic iron palm training, you too can develop the devastating power you would want for self protection. This clip is from the Martial Militia DVD Set available to stream and download at the link below. The complete instruction is available from or Facebook: Instagram:
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