Five Thunder Licence (UK only)

Five Thunder Licence (UK only)

To apply for a Five Thunder Licence your instructor must be registered as a full member of the Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association. Copies of the insured benefits are available from your instructor on request.

In order to apply for the Five Thunder Chinese Martial Association Licence you need to register with the site first. Please ensure that your instructor is a Full member of the Five Thunder Chinese Martial Association as you Licence will be void

Please fill in your details accurately and truthfully to your best knowledge.

Please remember as a student to the Five Thunder Chines Martial Art Association you uphold the true nature of Martail Arts training and train with safety in Mind After filling out the form we will verify your account and a email will be sent to out in the next 24 hours.


Duration: 1 year
Price: £25.00


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