The Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association is a collective of martial artists from around the world who wish to promote the Chinese Martial Arts to the highest level.  We have some of the highest ranking Masters in the world who support and endorse all that we stand for.

Mission & Purpose

There are many martial arts schools out there that will benefit from Five Thunder.  Schools can achieve the Five Thunder Kite Mark for their school which ratifies the school as being of the highest standing, professional and a great place to train.

Five Thunder can offer licencing, certification and high quality merchandise for school owners.  We believe that a school owner should be able to run their clubs without interference from a governing body.  Five Thunder gives you the best service and products without politics or interference, we are there for you.

Train in China

There is also the opportunity for it's members to visit China to train with Masters in the country of origin.  Wudang, Shaolin and Chen Jia Gou to name but a few of the amazing places our members are able to train.

Each year we hold a FREE 1 day seminar for it's members where each year Instructors from the association take turns in sharing some of their skills with others. Every year the instructors change and so the members get the opportunity to expand their knowledge as well as instructors to spread their teachings.  It is about sharing and promoting Chinese Martial Arts and this is what we do best.


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