Organizers: Zhang Hao and Sifu Steven Burton
Duration: 22rd September 2019 to 6th October 2019
Price: The total cost is £1999 per person Breakfast and evening meal, travel in china  and entrance to the excursions (excluding flights and based on 2 people sharing the hotel room, Single supplement is additional charge if required).
Each person is responsble for booking their own flights. Please book your holiday with your work to cover the trip from 22nd Sept to 6th October 2019 (one extra day each at beginning and the end at your convenience).

Senior instructor :- Sifu Steven Burton All training with Sifu Steven Burton is included within the trip. This will be covering the complete Five Thunder Dim Mak Modules 1 to 5 with accompanying book. This is the trip of a lifetime!!! The group will leave their respective country on the 22nd September and will be received at Dayong Airport by your trip guides and taken to the hotel. From there the compete group will have a welcome meeting and then the training and fun begins. Sifu Steven Burton explain the itinerary to the group and finalise and individual requirements.

The group will then have a traditional meal before exploring the many sights of Zhangjiajie.

Day 1 - 22nd Sepember 2019 – Fly to Zhangjiajie from your home country.

Day 2 – Arrive at Dayong Airport in Zhangjiajie – Welcome meal and itinerary meeting

Day 3 – Module 1 Dim Mak

Day 4 – Module 2 Dim Mak

Day 5 – Visit Five Thunder Mountain and take time to absorb your training so far.

Day 6 – Module 3 Dim Mak (part 1)

Day 7 – Module 3 Dim Mak (part 2)

Day 8 – Visit Tian Men Shan and the ancestral temple linked to our Dim Mak style.

Day 9 – Module 4 Dim Mak (part 1)

Day 10 – Module 4 Dim Mak (part 2)

Day 11 – Visit Forrest Park with its amazing sights, towering sandstone columns.

Day 12 - Module 5 Dim Mak (part 1)

Day 13 - Module 5 Dim Mak (part 2)

Day 14 – Graduation and farewell meal.

Day 15 – 6th October – Return to your home country

During the trip on the scheduled rest days:- We will travel to Cili to visit the namesake of the Five Thunder Dim Mak style, this is Wu Lei Shan or Five Thunder Mountain – Walking along its mountain top that resembles a Dragons Back with a surprising way of descending the mountain. Returning to Zhangjiajie we visit Tian Men Shan, this world heritage site is a sight to behold with One of the longest Cable Cars in the world to take you to its heavenly heights. Dare you walk on the glass walkway? Only for the brave ! (alternative route available) Visiting the ancient ancestral temple of the Shen Wu Lin Chuan, this is the ruined ancestral temple of Sifu Steven Burton's lineage and you will have the rare opportunity to visit this place and pay your respects in the traditional way. Options to Experience a relaxing massage in the local Spa close to the hotel where your tired limbs will be rejuvinated. Leaving Zhangjiajie we travel to WulinYuan where we visit the spectacular Forest Park. At the end of the trip we have our farewell meal where we say goodbye (for now) to our newly found friends and prepare to fly back to our respective destinations.


Booking your trip now!
As the Paypal charge us for online payment so we added extra fee on top of the price to cover the charge. To avoid Paypal charge please make a bank transfer payment to our bank account directly or post a cheque to book your China Trip.

Our bank account details are:

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Booking Form & Visa Application Form
Please fill out the booking form which can be download here. Which must be sent to
Sifu Steven Burton 4 Eckersley Close, Blackburn, Lancashire. BB2 4FA 

Chinese visa are at your own responsible and for people who lives in the U.K. can be obtained at:

Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions have been changed since last China trip, Please check the details below: Travel Insurance: Everybody who wishes to take part in the trip must provide their own valid travel insurance to cover the trip to China and send a copy to Five Thunder China Trip by 1st April 2019. Price and what is included: The price for the trip is £1,999 . An initial payment of £900 is required to secure a place. The final balance is £1099 and it is required to be paid in cash or cheque or bank transfer on time. Late booking charge is £100 (this is to cover the additional cost of making late flight and accommodation bookings). Single supplement fee is £535 per person if applicable (subject to the availability). An initial payment of£900 is a non-refundable deposit and administration charge, and should be paid by upon your reservation . Final balance of £1,099 should be paid in full by 30th May 2019. Bookings made after 30th May 2019 requires a £100 late booking surcharge. Total Payment for the trip includes: Tuition fees for the training with Sifu Steven Burton, breakfast, main meals (excluding drinks and snack), accommodation, training insurance (subject to individual's health condition and ages), all transportation (excluding flights, the cable car at the tourism sights and taxis), and admission fees to all tourist attractions arranged by the trip organizer in China are covered. Travel insurance and visa applications are at your own cost and should be arranged by yourself. Tips of 300.00 (Chinese Yuan) per person is required and it will be collected at the beginning of the trip. The Tips is for the drivers, porter in the hotel and restaurant staff during the trip. Note: Total fee will be £1999 excludes flight so we will receive everybody in the airport in Dayong. As everybody is going to purchase their own flight ticket only £900 deposit is required to book the trip. The rest of the balance £1,099 can be paid by 30th May 2019 prior to your arrival in Dayong by bank transfer. Cancellation Clients who make cancellation on any confirmed bookings will be liable for the following cancellation charges based on the time when we receive the notice of cancellation in writing.
A. Once booked the trip and cancelled 61 days prior to the departure date, the initial payment of £900 is non-refundable however.
B. 31-60 days prior to departure date -50% of total cost.
C. 3-30 days prior to departure date -75% of total cost.
D. 3 days or less prior to departure date - 100% of total cost. Alteration to Arrangement If, after acceptance of the booking, the customer alters the confirmed arrangements, an amendment fee of £100 per person plus any communication charges may be charged.

If major alteration is required, the booking may be treated as a cancellation to which cancellation charges will apply. Cancellation by the Five Thunder China Trip We reserve the right to cancel or alter holiday arrangements at any time up to and including the departure date. Full refund of all monies will be made in the event of cancellation. Cancellations will be notified to clients without reasonable delay. Passport/Visa Chinese visa are at your own responsible and for people who lives in the U.K. can be obtained at: People from other countries please consult your local Chinese Embassy. All clients are themselves responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of a valid passport and applicable visa at all times and places during the journey. Refunds or endorsement can not be claimed by clients who are rejected by local immigration for any reason. Responsibility As part of the China Trip Package the Five Thunder China Trip will arrange standard insurance to cover all the training abroad for all clients. However the Five Thunder China Trip acts only in the capacity of Agent for the clients in all arrangements. Expressly the Five Thunder China Trip shall not be liable for any injury, death, accident, loss, damage, or irregularity which may be occasioned by neglect or default of any other company, or additional expenses due to delays or changes in flights, trains, coaches or other services, or because of strike, war, sickness, weather, quarantine or other causes.