steven burton

Master Steven Burton

6th Generation Inheritor of Five Thunder Dim Mak
under Grandmaster Li Zhi Yi of Zhangjiajie,
Hunan, China.

Five Thunder Dim Mak has been passed down from teachings of Tian Men Shan, Wudang Shan and Mei Shan to Grandmaster Li who in turn chose Master Steven Burton to share the art and skills with the world.

Five Thunder Dim Mak teaches the ancient Taoist arts of striking the weak areas of the body using Qi to disrupt the organs of the body.

The Five Thunder Dim Mak method incorporates everything from incapacitating an attacker using the points and manipulations right through to lethal effect depending on how you choose to use it. As well as Qi development, Martial skill and healing both through manipulation and herbal medicine.

The instructors listed below have studied vigorously and are now listed on this page to identify the ONLY people qualified to teach Five Thunder Dim Mak. All of these instructors also teach their own respective martial arts styles (from Kung fu to Tae Kwon Do) which is the foundation that they add the Dim Mak knowledge to.

If you wish to train with any of these instructors either contact Five Thunder via our website or through their direct contact details.

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