Before any payment has been made, the client confirms his interest and agrees to the terms and conditions of the FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION in writing. Application fees for FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION membership are non-refundable after 14 days. All indemnity and licence policy fees are non-refundable. Additional services, payment are non refundable. (Additional services include but are not limited to: Seminars, Billing & Support, Grading, Competitions, Licensing, Marketing and Consultation, Member Management Services, Insurance etc.) If membership is wished to be cancelled, the FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION must be notified immediately. FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION provides a full refund only if the school meets one of the following criteria:

1) An application is rejected by the FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION.

2) An applicant cancels their application, prior to application processing completion.


To ensure the quality of service the FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION provides, senior staff are encouraged to verbally communicate their concerns to members of the faculty and administration for amicable solutions.

Should you feel your concern/problem has not been adequately addressed; you may file an official written grievance. This grievance should be addressed to the institute director or to and must be received at the Administrative Office within 48 hours after the incident occurs. The executive director will verify that the instructor has made an attempt to resolve the concerns. If the instructor has followed the above steps, the director will call a grievance committee hearing within 24 hours of receipt of the report. Such a committee hearing will include the director(s), instructor(s), and/or additional appropriate staff members. The hearing may be scheduled on-line or via teleconference to accommodate those involved. In addition, all persons involved with the incident must be present at the scheduled time of the hearing. The FIVE THUNDER CHINESE MARTAIL ARTS ASSOCIATION director(s) will immediately meet in the absence of others involved to review the evidence and vote on a decision. The decision of the committee will be communicated immediately.

Note: For your benefit we have listed two independent bodies in which you can get professional advice regarding any complaint.